Patrick F. Taylor Foundation

Scholarship Recipient Guidelines

The deadline to submit scholarship payment requests is July 19, 2022.


  • Submit a request for scholarship payment on-line at before or on the Foundation Deadline and upload prior semester grades and upcoming class schedule in pdf format.
  • Scholarship recipients are responsible for checking their emails for information regarding Foundation Deadline Dates and responding to any Foundation questions.


  • Scholarship recipient payments cover Fall and Spring semesters only for undergraduate degree programs and do not extend past 4 years or past early graduation. Scholarship funds do not cover summer school or courses beyond attaining a baccalaureate degree.
  • Enrolled full-time each semester, and in any event must earn at least 24 credit hours (or equivalent) for each Academic Calendar year. College or University defines full-time status.
  • SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS APPROVED FOR FALL 2020 SEMESTER AND AFTER are required to earn a minimum 2.3 GPA at the end of the first Academic Calendar Year and required to earn a minimum 2.5 ‘cumulative’ GPA at the end of all other Academic Calendar Years. *
  • SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS APPROVED PRIOR TO FALL 2020 are required to earn a minimum 2.5 GPA at the end of all Academic Calendar Years.
  • Provide current contact information, and notify the Foundation of any change in email, phone number or address.
  • Scholarship checks are payable only to the college or university and mailed directly to the university. Scholarship funds must be used for tuition, fees, books, supplies or equipment required for college courses in order to be tax free. The college or university will be responsible for remitting to the student any excess funds and associated tax documents.
  • This scholarship is based on the accuracy of the financial aid & scholarship information submitted on scholarship application form. In the event a scholarship recipient receives additional financial aid or scholarships not initially reported, scholarship amount will be reviewed and may be changed.


It is the responsibility of each scholarship recipient to send in the requested information for scholarship funds by the Foundation Deadline. If a scholarship recipient incurs a problem, he/she must submit extension request to Foundation in writing 10 days before Foundation Deadline.


In the event a scholarship recipient does not enroll in the school listed on the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation Scholarship Application or listed on the Scholarship Payment Request Form and decides to transfer to another in-state school, he/she must submit scholarship transfer request to Foundation in writing 10 days before Foundation Deadline, for funding review and approval.

*If scholarship recipient enrolls in spring for the first time then for that first year, the Academic Calendar Year is spring and summer school.

Please contact Elena Penn at the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation office at (504) 589-0555 or if you have any questions.