Patrick F. Taylor Foundation

Powering Promising Futures

Patrick F. Taylor, through his own journey from poverty to plenty, understood that bright futures stand on the sturdy legs of education. He worked to ensure that the opportunity to go to college be based on a child’s desire to learn, not on his or her ability to pay. Mr. Taylor’s vision, known as the Taylor Plan, became law in Louisiana in 1989 and through the Foundation’s advocacy, the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, or “TOPS” as it is now known, has been replicated in some 20 states across the country. Through these efforts, as well as direct individual scholarship programs and funding to dozens of schools and universities for scholarships, the Foundation has helped make higher education affordable for hundreds of thousands of students nationwide.

Individual Scholarships

The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation is re-evaluating its scholarship program. 

We are not accepting scholarship applications for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 at this time.


A national model for public college scholarships to deserving youth.


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Taylor Scholars

Reward to “early scholars“ in the form of outside cultural enrichment programs.


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School Scholarships

Millions of dollars granted to over a dozen schools and universities to award scholarships.