The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation supports projects and institutions that are committed to creating a smarter, safer, more vibrant Louisiana. Guided by the vision and values of its namesake, the Foundation works to advance education and make it more accessible, strengthen communities, and honor the men and women of law enforcement and the armed forces.

The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation has committed its budget and is not currently accepting applications. Please check back in January 2018 for more information.


To be determined eligible for a grant, the organization must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Organizations must have 501(c)(3) status and be in good standing.
  • Organization is based within the Greater New Orleans area.
  • Organizations must be primarily focused in the fields of education, the arts, or the humanities.
  • If the donation request is for construction capital donation, generally the organization must have at least 75% of the total cost of the proposed project already raised.

Guidelines for Applying

Approved Grantees must wait 1 year from funding date to submit a new letter of inquiry. Organizations that meet the eligibility requirements for grants must submit an online Letter of Inquiry with the following information:
  • Federal Tax ID #
  • Organization’s mission and objectives
  • Description of the project to be funded with a timeline
  • Explanation of whether this is a new or ongoing program.
Please note that no mail or telephone requests will be considered.