The Patrick F. Taylor Story

In 1955, a young man from Texas without any means was given an incredible opportunity – the chance to attend Louisiana State University tuition free. That young man, Patrick F. Taylor, graduated three and a half years later with a degree in petroleum engineering, an eye for oil, and a desire to ensure all young people have an opportunity for a college education.

The Gift of an Education

Mr. Taylor was born in Beaumont, Texas, on June 12, 1937. He received a full academic scholarship from The Kinkaid School in Houston and graduated, despite leaving home at age 16. After high school, he left Texas to attend Louisiana State University, fulfilling a dream that would have been beyond his reach without financial assistance from the college. During his sophomore year at LSU, Mr. Taylor joined the Marine Corps PLC Officer Training Program. Unfortunately, a heart condition prevented the completion of his senior course, and Mr. Taylor was honorably discharged from the Corps. Through the Foundation, though, Mr. Taylor has been able to show his unwavering loyalty to the United States Marine Corps and all branches of the Armed Forces.

Success in the Oil Industry

After graduating from LSU, Mr. Taylor worked for Texas oilman John Mecom, Sr. until 1966. He later formed his own consulting and production company, before starting Circle Bar Drilling Company with Mr. Mecom in 1974. That successful company was sold three years later, at which time Mr. Taylor formed Taylor Energy Company in New Orleans. At the time of his death, Taylor Energy Company was the only individually-owned company ever to explore for and produce oil and natural gas in federal offshore waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Taylor was the Chairman, President, and CEO of Taylor Energy Company until his passing on November 5, 2004.

The American Dream Come True

Although his life was in many ways the American Dream come true, Mr. Taylor did not believe in the self-made man. He felt that individual achievement was the product of personal drive blessed by good fortune. His life goal was to be a bit of that good fortune for others.







In 1955, a poor young man from Texas was given an incredible opportunity.

The Taylors received awards and honors from many organizations.

The Board of Trustees & Staff that makeup the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation.