Message From Phyllis M. Taylor

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At the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation, we celebrate the promise of America, a nation still rich in courage, valor and grit. We are a land of dreamers, whose vision of the future is ripe with opportunity.  And as always, in the dreams of our children, we find the most beauty.

Patrick F. Taylor, an oilman who once had dreams of his own, believed in America’s youth.  He understood that bright futures stand on the sturdy legs of education. And so, he worked to guarantee that the opportunity to go to college be based on a child’s ability to learn, not the ability to pay.

His vision, known as the Taylor Plan, became law in Louisiana in 1989. By the time of his death in 2004, twenty additional states had adopted merit-based college tuition plans.

We at the Foundation are proud of my late husband’s legacy, but we recognize that his work is far from finished. Barriers still remain between our children and a bright future. It is our duty to raze these walls and to create equality of opportunity for all.

It begins with a pledge to our children:  if you will study, if you will take challenging courses, if you will succeed, then you will have access to college and a meaningful future.

We start with our children, but we do not end there. The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation works with America’s leaders to ensure America’s law reflects America’s promise. The communities we call home must be resilient, vibrant and strong. To harvest prosperity, we must plant opportunity, integrity, diligence, justice and soul.  In essence, we must till the American character.

The Foundation’s attention therefore reaches beyond the classroom to centers of art and history, law enforcement and the armed forces. We applaud the mentors of our past, we honor the heroes of today, and we work to see that America grows better, safer and stronger each passing day.

Our duty is clear, our resolve is strong, and our path is lit by the hope that, together, we will make a difference.